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You just graduated. You know you have reached a goal on which you have invested for years, but you are equally aware of the fact that there is a long way to go, there are so many things to learn. We tried to draw up a list of 5 useful tips for those who undertake this fascinating and complex profession and close with a concrete opportunity to start the internship in the Milan area.

1. Think about giving before you receive

You are focused on the task at hand, but know that the ability to develop professional relationships based on trust is equally essential.

The most effective way to develop lasting relationships in law firms is to think and act proactively to help colleagues solve work problems.

Change perspective. Instead of asking you how to get that job or that benefit, start thinking about how to make yourself useful, maybe essential.

2. Develop your skills niche in an area of ​​specialization

Find a specialization niche where the practice where you practice has not yet developed a body of experience and skills and make it your strong point. Increase your value within the team and make you more visible.

3. Use your “millennial” being

The distance that separates you from being an excellent lawyer is sidereal. It is a matter of time, determination, commitment and a good dose of luck. Begin to choose the person of the study that inspires you the most and make it your model to follow. In the meantime, take advantage of your millennial skills , for example improving the presence of the studio in the social and digital area. You will discover that it is an area where the “seniors” will listen to your advice.

4. Think as an entrepreneur

Think of the law firm as a company, consider your clients as clients as a company, create partnerships. Questioned on how to bring elements of innovation, even incremental, into legal advice. Finally, treat your Studio colleagues with the same correctness and the same kind of politeness you would like to be treated with. This will generate a competitive advantage of great value over time.

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