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The civil electronic process has limited itself to reducing the tasks of the stationery: it is no longer necessary to make long journeys, sometimes inland, to deposit an act or make a notification. However, when filing a lawsuit in a court far from one’s surroundings or, worse, in another district it is still necessary to use a substitute hearing . This is because, despite numerous attempts at reform, our process is still full of useless audiences or, in any case, where the direct presence of the dominus is not necessary . 

And then, in these cases, to optimize the time and, at the same time, not to overload the customer even of the transfer costs that could push him towards another study, we make use of the substitute of hearing. Here a difficulty arises: how to find a substitute for hearing? A valid one, reliable and that does not “weigh” too much on the pockets of the client?

In many cases, the replacement of a hearing takes place by way of favor between two studios located in different locations. It is, rather than an exchange of pleasures, a mutual interest that allows professionals to rely on people who are now “tested” with whom a stable collaboration has been established. In this way, the reward to the lawyer who conducts the hearing on behalf of the colleague takes place through “compensation in kind”. Naturally this system works where the tasks assigned to both studies are almost equal in number.

In the case in which a law firm is not known to which to entrust the activity of substitute of hearing, the word of mouth is still a very common practice among lawyers. Without it, the internet is an immediate and practical way to search for a colleague in the area and, through the website of the law firm or any publications on the network, get an idea of ​​the professional’s qualities.

For the most delicate tasks, there are those who turn to the Council of the local Order, delegating one of the councilors or the president himself, or asking these councils for some reliable name.

The web offers other tools to search for a substitute hearing . One of these is Lex, created by the lawyer. Dario Pupo and by dr. Alessandro Bria. It is an application able to find, in a simple and practical way, a fellow lawyer or practitioner qualified in the legal profession available to replace one or more hearings before all the Jurisdictions in Italy.

Lex app can be a great tool for your law firm. Those who decide to offer their willingness to replace a colleague at the hearing must indicate their compensation for the activity performed.

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