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No matter how much of an idealist one might have, all it takes is one hit to bring you back to reality and understand the fact that life is not as easy as it seems. There are laws to coexist and time and again those laws get breached and you are at the risk of harm or harmed in the process.

Alex 4 Gaven, the law firm, not just accepts this fact but understands that humans are bound to make errors every now and then. So, we provide our services and expertise in law to help you understand and solve all the issues that you might face due to law breaches.

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To ensure that you never have to suffer any injustice, it is always recommended that you have a lawyer by your side. Alex 4 Gaven provides its services as a law firm to be of your aid in this case. We specialize in several different branches of law including Criminal law, civil law, property law, tax law and many others.


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In dealing with your cases, our team of lawyers assesses your circumstances from each angle possible. Our understanding of your case is based upon objective evaluations and hence deals with every possible aspect. We understand all possible repercussions and use this to present you in case of law.

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But it is not just the dealings inside the court of law that matter in the profession, but also those outside it. therefore, our team of lawyers is well-versed in the art of negotiation and fight to get you the very best deal possible.

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What your business gain by hiring an accountant in Rockhampton

Many small to medium-sized business owners in Rockhampton often wonder whether hiring an accountant Rockhampton is needed. Does a business need an accountant Rockhampton? What value can an accountant Rockhampton add to a business?

Untold value is seen to be added to a business opting to hire an accountant Rockhampton. Here’s why:

Helps your business to meet tax deadlines

The ever-evolving tax regulations and rules make many business owners commit penalties and fines when it comes to deadlines. Staying on top of deadline dates to avoid paying costly fines needs help from an accountant. The right combination of communication and diligence from an accountant makes sure that tax deadlines are never missed.

Reduce financial risks

Coming up with sound business decisions is always important for all business owners. Having an experienced accountant in your corner to consult about potential financial risks offers a priceless benefit. The honest advice from a trusted accountant offers the best protection for your business. The accountant can also act on your behalf when it comes to dealing with other investors or other financial institutions.

Crucial help with your business structure

The constant changes in the business structure mean that the one that worked before may not be suitable as the business expands. For example, more liabilities and risks are faced with the increase in contracts and staffing. Operating as a sole proprietor may not work anymore when this happens.

A good accountant will provide crucial help when it comes to changing your business structure.

Cost-cutting option

Cost-cutting is always the name of the game for business owners. This is because cutting down on costs is always a sound business practice. However, it is wrong to think it will be another expense to shoulder when opting to hire an accountant.

Doing your accounting may seem to save you money at the start of the business. However, financial threats and risks also double as the business expands. Wrong business decisions and tax errors are costly.

The best way to cut costs when it comes to the financials of the business is to seek help from a reputable and experienced accountant.

Time-saving alternative

Saving time is always a valuable asset for any small business owner. It means that managing and saving time is by streamlining the daily activities, including:

  • Assigning specific tasks to the right employee
  • Manage the payroll, bookkeeping, and other accounting tasks

The pressure mounts when precious time is spent on accounting tasks, leaving you little time to run the business. Hiring an accountant to handle all financial tasks provides the best time-saving alternative for you and your business.

Gain financial wisdom

Financial expertise is the thing an accountant provides. Making the business profitable is something an accountant knows. His years of experience and knowledge of the ins and outs of similar businesses as yours allow him to provide financial wisdom. A better outcome for your business becomes a reality when financial risks are minimised.


Startups will do well when opting to hire an accountant at the outset. The business advice provided by a reputable and experienced accountant helps to project expectations during the first few years of the business. Realistic goals having to do with cash flow and expenses become well established with help from an accountant.

Contact CT Harris Accountants for reliable assistance in taxation.

Four Most Common Types of Will Disputes and How to Handle Them

When someone dies and leaves wealth behind, it has to be divided among his or her beneficiaries in some scenarios, the deceased may fail to leave behind a will that dictates what is to be done to his wealth and this can bring disputes. In another scenario, the deceased may leave behind a well-detailed will but disputes can still emerge among the beneficiaries.

Therefore, it is crucial to understand the will dispute scenarios and how to best solve them. This article will highlight the most common types of will disputes and how you can go about them.

Common types of will disputes

  • When beneficiaries contend unauthorised transfer of assets

Sometimes the executor (beneficiary given the power of attorney) is put in charge of the property of the deceased, and then other beneficiaries may term it an unauthorised transfer of assets. If the executor transfers, let us say, some money from a given bank account. Then the other beneficiaries may open a dispute against the act as an unauthorised transfer of assets. Upon investigations by the relevant body, the transferred money can be clawed back and divided appropriately.

  • When Beneficiaries disagree on the selling of estate property

Another big scenario is whereby some of the beneficiaries agree on selling the estate property while others are against it. In this case, either side can try as much as possible to convince the other side why they think it’s right to take that step. However, if they do not reach mutual consent on the matter, then the ones keen on keeping the property have exclusive rights of buying that particular property.

If they are willing to buy the property, then experts are invited to take their measurements and assess the property in order to give it value.

  • When accusations of extreme influence are tabled

We also understand that a family member can use excessive force in trying to influence the deceased into writing a will that will favour him or her. Such a will is termed undue influence and can be challenged in a law court. Depending on the evidence, the will may be declared invalid and cannot be used in dividing the deceased property. In this case, they may use an earlier draft of a will to divide the property or apply the intestacy rules.

  • When a potential heir identifies a problem with the will in question

At times, someone may try to forge a will to look like the deceased in order to get a fair share of the assets. In such a case, the heir of the deceased has the right to challenge that will because it is invalid. Such a problem can be avoided by following the right procedures when drafting a valid will because if it lacks security features then it will be declared invalid. You are always encouraged to generate a valid and comprehensive will while you are still alive to give your loved ones an easy time when the time comes.

Besides, it is important to involve a lawyer while creating a will and ensure that he understands your wishes to the fullest. This will help your loved ones to deal with pain and grief rather than pushing for wealth division.

How to prepare a valid will?

When preparing a will, you should ensure that you hire a suitable lawyer who will commit in writing that they will respect your wishes no matter what after you die.

Attwood Marshall handle will disputes in Sydney. If you are ever caught in a situation where you have to assert your rightful place to inherit something, contact them.

Apple Screen Repair: What You Need to Know

Whether you have a broken Apple screen or not, you need to know that there are a lot of ways you can fix it. The key is knowing how to do it properly, and a little bit of research will help you get started.

As you might expect, Apple has made it much easier to repair the iPhone 14. It also has improved its internal structure. They have removed the SIM tray in order to push the adoption of eSIM technology. Previously, it would have been hard to replace the back glass without a lot of expensive tools. Now, the back panel is removable with a suction handle and heating mat.


iSmash for apple screen repair is a popular online service that offers affordable and fast repairs. It is an independent repair company that offers high quality services at low prices. It offers OEM and refurbished parts, as well as accessories, for a wide range of mobile devices.

Its biggest claim is that they can fix your smartphone in 30 minutes, but the average repair time is actually more like an hour. You might be better off sending your phone off to an authorized Apple service center for a full screen replacement.

Some iSmash locations offer walk-in service, so you don’t have to wait for a repair. You can even have your device repaired and get it back the same day, depending on what time of day you visit.


Getting your iPhone or Android smartphone repaired is a snap at Timpson, thanks to a plethora of high-tech tools and a staff of skilled repair wizards. Timpson’s mobile phone repair service is currently available at 340 stores, and the company plans to expand the service to all its stores by the end of the year. In addition to mobile phone repairs, Timpson also specializes in screen replacement, watch repairs, and engraving. As for prices, Timpson charges PS40 for a screen replacement, which isn’t too shabby. Apple, on the other hand, charges PS152 for the same service. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative, don’t overlook the Carphone Warehouse, which charges only PS130.

As with any mobile phone repair company, Timpson may not be the best place to go when it comes to getting your iPhone or Android smartphone fixed. Although its services are available at no cost to consumers, Timpson doesn’t have the same perks as Apple, such as a free screen replacement and 12 month warranty on replacement parts.

Apple’s “Self Service Repair” program

Earlier this year, Apple launched a new self-service repair program for iPhone models. The program includes a free repair manual and tools to repair Apple devices. Apple also provides a self-service store where users can order replacement parts.

The program is available in the US only, but plans are underway to expand the program to other countries. Apple also plans to expand the program to Mac computers using Apple silicon. The Self Service Repair program includes parts and tools that can be ordered online.

Apple’s Self Service Repair program is a great step forward for consumers. It provides Apple customers with an in-depth manual on how to repair their own devices. The manual is detailed, including information on system configuration and calibration values. The program also includes 200 parts and tools to repair Apple devices.


Several factors affect the cost of apple screen repair. One factor is the repair technician’s experience. Many people prefer to have an expert fix their device. The cost of having an expert repair varies from person to person. It depends on the customer’s level of experience and their AppleCare+ cover.

Another factor is the extent of damage. Apple may be able to replace the damaged part for a lower cost. However, if the screen is severely damaged, the cost can be quite high.

Apple encourages expert repair at its stores and service centers. In fact, the company is so confident that its parts will work better that it offers a one year warranty on hardware. In addition, Apple Care coverage will usually last two years. It will also cover up to two incidents of accidental damage every 12 months.

Have your iPhones serviced only by experts. An iPhone repaired by will last as long as an untampered one.

Things to keep in mind when hiring commercial property lawyers in Melbourne

A real estate lawyer can help companies avoid financial issues when buying or selling properties. Usually a company relies on a realtor to ensure that all the legal details are handled properly. However it is also important that the whole contract is overseen by a reputable lawyer who is known for working on commercial properties in Melbourne. It is important that every business owner should make it their priority to select the right commercial property lawyers to handle all the transactions.

Why should organizations hire commercial property lawyers in Melbourne

Hiring a commercial lawyer is something which can be quite complex. This is because a commercial property lawyer not only negotiate the purchase price but also make sure that they are protecting the buyers interest in minimizing the risk to the business. The following are a few reasons why you should be on the loo1okout for a commercial real estate lawyer:

  • Business owners probably do not have a whole lot of free time on their hands. This is why it is difficult for them to figure out the legalities of buying and selling commercial property. This is the number one reason why they might want to hire a lawyer who would not only perform the due diligence but also look at things in an objective manner. They would not only help you focus on the more important aspects of your business but also ensure that everything goes according to plan.
  • If you are thinking about purchasing commercial property for your business hiring a lawyer is in your best interest. A real estate lawyer would make sure that all the terms and conditions are in the contract are fair and in your best interest. They also help protect yours company from getting into potential legal disputes by making sure that they negotiate all the procedures until the deal Falls through. They made you enough research to find out if there are hidden environmental issues or structural problems with the building right before you signed the deal.
  • Commercial property lawyer would also investigate about the property on your behalf. If you think that you are getting a deal which is too good to be true you might want to know more about it. Perhaps it has got thousands of dollars of Tax, that is something which you might not know about. Your lawyer would make sure that they do the necessary research on the building and make sure that they are checking for any issues which would help you avoid a bad decision.
  • Your lawyer would also make sure to carry out all your negotiations. Sometimes these might take a long time. However your lawyer would ensure that they work in your best interest and provide your advice which helps save money.
  • Last but not the least your commercial estate lawyer would know all about the zoning laws and the development of science which your property provides you.

Make sure that you speak to a reliable commercial property lawyer in Melbourne for more information.

Your road to understanding digital marketing

Surprisingly, there’s not much that you should be looking for. Digital marketing is more important now than it ever was before. Even with the rapid rate of digitalisation, marketers still need to optimise their digital campaigns. If you want to obtain more leads, more traffic, and ultimately more sales, you must perfect your digital marketing campaign.

A good guide will help you get the most out of social media marketing. The popularity of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn makes sense. Almost everyone has an account in one or more of these places. However, if you’re beginning your search for new ways to market, there are some key digital marketing metrics that you should pay attention to.

By now, you should know which social media sites are doing well and which ones aren’t doing so well. You can use this knowledge to improve your digital marketing strategies. There are many different aspects of Internet marketing. There are many different strategies for executing those strategies. There are many different types of Internet marketing platforms to choose from. All of these things can make for a complicated Internet marketing strategy. Luckily, there is a digital marketing guide that can simplify your Internet marketing campaign into digestible bits.

Reach your audience

There are two parts to a successful digital marketing strategy. The first part is a strategy to reach your audience. This may be in the form of an email series, a series of video messages, or just a single post on your blog. Your goal is to reach as many people as you can with a single message.

Create a digital marketing campaign

The second part of a successful digital marketing strategy is to create a digital marketing campaign around your message. You may use email marketing to promote your content, build a mailing list, or display ads on other websites and blogs. Whatever strategy you choose, the one thing that you need is a guide to take you through the process.

Your total number of Facebook friends is an important digital marketing metric. But you also need to know the demographics of each of your Facebook friends. To get this information, you have to understand the demographics of each Facebook user. There is a conversion rate calculator built into Facebook so that you can quickly identify which users are converting and which ones you should focus more time on.

Focus on your brand

Digital marketing doesn’t end with reaching your target audience. You also have to focus on your brand. Your brand is what identifies you and what makes you different from your competitors. With your audience and brand in mind, you will be able to easily design a content strategy that engages your target audience while also staying ahead of your industry trends.

Content marketing

Last but certainly not least is content marketing. Content marketing involves creating original, quality content for your website and ensuring that you give your visitors something of value. If you are a true entrepreneur, content marketing is essential. If you are not an entrepreneur, you will want to consider hiring an SEO expert or digital marketing consultant to build a strong content marketing strategy.

The key to implementing a successful digital marketing plan is making sure that all of your marketing strategies gel. Content marketing is very important, but you also want to take advantage of social media. Social media is another great digital marketing strategy tool, and it is growing in popularity every day. Find out what the digital marketing specialists say about social media and find out how you can use it to boost your business.

The benefits of IT support for small businesses

Smart business owners know that if they want to run a successful business they need to have the right kind of digital support. This is only possible when you hire small business IT support in Melbourne. It can help protect your data and make it more secure. This is something which cannot be emphasized enough because every day frauds are simply waiting to happen. If your business organization is slack about maintaining the data security it might result in dire consequences.

Also it is not just about safety but it also includes a regular upkeep of the hardware as well as the software aspect of a business. As a business owner there are already so many things which need your attention. Therefore the technical side is best left to the experts.

Why you need to consider small business IT support Melbourne

The following are some of the advantages of hiring IT support for your small business:

It can help protect your personal and corporate data

For businesses it is extremely crucial to make its corporate data as secure as possible. It would comprise of sensitive information which if leaked might cause problems in the near future. Any kind of confidential information is prone to malicious attacks in the form of viruses and malware. With the right IT support behind your organization such unpleasant instances can be deterred.

It is important that the data is kept secure at all times and the right methods for data protection should be used. An IT professional would help maximize the security of your data by finding the problems within the system and the software and completely prevent any breach in data.

Greater return on investment in the long run

For a small business it is important that the budget should be kept under control. If you consider hiring your own team of IT professionals it may only result in added expenses. On the other hand when you hire managed IT support services you can be assured that you have to pay a monthly fee for their services. There are no additional costs for providing them with health care and other such benefits. Plus you can only go as far as to hire one or two people for your small IT department. On the other hand when you hire managed services you can be assured that there is a whole team of professionals who is going to assist you with the different technical problems your business might run into.

It allows business owners to focus on the growth of the company

Instead of having to interview a whole bunch of individuals to manage the technical aspects of your business you simply leave all the work to the experts. They not only handle the social media marketing but can even in sure that you get the right kind of leads on your website. This would help your business grow to quite an extent.

Australian IT Group can help build your company’s IT department. Give them a call to learn more.

Great reasons to hire Family Lawyers

One of the most difficult times people go through in their lives is getting divorced, child custody stress, and alimony issues. People going through these experiences already feel defeated before it even begins.

While family law cases do not require one to hire the representation of family lawyers, the benefits they provide need to be considered.

Cost-effective option

Yes, hiring the services of family lawyers’ means paying them. However, the cost of hiring them is more cost-effective than paying a more substantial amount when you don’t have a legal expert in your corner.

Paying child support or alimony becomes more expensive when you don’t have a family lawyer to help you out. Getting the deserved amount of alimony or child support also becomes possible with the help of a family lawyer.

Committing mistakes in court can cost you dearly. The best way to avoid costly court mistakes is to have a family lawyer represent your interests. The fair and square division of the marital estate is also ensured by a good family lawyer.

Get the best possible outcome

The claims filed by the other party can become unrealistic without the timely help of a reputable family lawyer. Past verdict outcomes as well as being knowledgeable of the law are the skills and expertise family lawyers bring to the table. Hiring their services assures you of getting the best possible outcome.

Family lawyers can present your case in the best possible light with judges as they know what judges care most about. They can understand the things you’re legally entitled to as well as anticipate likely legal issues.

Proper filing of documents and other paperwork

Filing the proper documents within the time restrictions are things that laymen do not understand. Unless you’re a legal expert, knowing the right sort of documents, the way these are served, the right time to serve them and the right filing time are things that are beyond the scope of your understanding.

Any incorrect way of doing the documentations will likely make a judge exclude them from becoming a part of your case. The legal expert you need when it comes to the proper way of filing documents is a family lawyer.

Prevent acts of bullying or harassment

Divorce can often make a spouse use bullying tactics. Threatening you with child custody or the withholding of money you rightfully deserve are some of the actions of harassment used by ex-spouses.

Knowing the real truth behind these bullying or harassment tactics is with the help of a family lawyer. The risk of giving in to the demands of an ex-spouse can be prevented from happening by a good family lawyer.

A family lawyer will be able to take legal steps to make the other party accountable for their actions. This prevents you from getting forced into an unfair situation. All communications and dealings with an ex-spouse can be handled by a family lawyer.

Mental freedom

Mental freedom from trying situations such as a divorce is gained by hiring Brisbane family law specialists. A family lawyer in your corner frees your mind from dealing with all the legal stresses. This provides you the mental energy to go through the process and gain healing from the situation.

Information on SEO Agency in the Gold Coast

There exist thousands of websites on the internet that have been created by companies and are a representation of a company’s online services. For a given business, there exist thousands more of similar companies that have built related websites to reach out to its consumers. As such, every business wants its website to be on the first page of the search engine to get more visitors to their website. The main goal of an SEO Agency is to ensure that the client’s site is optimised so that it appears on the first front pages when visitors search-related content from a search engine. At the Gold Coast region in Australia, several SEO agencies help organisations and businesses to optimise their websites so that visitors can easily find it on the internet through search engines.

What to consider when choosing an SEO Agency within Gold Cost in Australia?

The size of the client’s business – if the company is a small scale, you should consider going for an available Gold Coast SEO agency that will only make essential improvements to your website.

The cost of the plan – Some SEO agencies have huge plan deals than others, depending on the resources (money) you are ready to grant, you might choose a program that is affordable to your company, and that will meet your needs.

The ranking of the SEO agency – some SEO companies are top-rated and have higher client’s positive feedback than others. However, such agencies are usually costly when it comes to doing business. If you have enough resources at your disposal, you might consider going for the top-rated SEO agency. If you are still new in business and have minimal resources to offer (money), consider going for a standard SEO agency that can fit within your budget.

The availability of skilled personnel to manage the website – you must also evaluate the kind of skilled labour that can be in charge of maintaining the site. You can opt to train your employees to be in charge of the website management or go for trained personnel that will be concerned with that job.

Merits of search engine optimisation (SEO)

Better user experience – users find it easy to navigate around a well-optimised website since it is fast and more reliable.

SEO lures users to visit the website and exploit more – users are attracted to an optimised website because it is quick and efficient.

SEO also helps to boost the company’s name and brand, and hence more visitors continuously visit the site to find out what is new.

Moreover, the optimised site gives a company high credibility, and the business remains relevant and legal in the market.

Are SEO companies important in SEO?

Several SEO companies exist in the Gold Coast area in Australia. SEO companies are essential in helping organisations and other businesses to optimise their websites so that visitors can easily find their websites. These companies help businesses to reduce the cost of SEO because they have pulled together all the resources necessary for SEO. It becomes quite expensive for a business to try and optimise their website because a lot of expenses are incurred in this process. Another advantage of an SEO company is that the SEO company will help the business in the regular maintenance of their site. Moreover, SEO agencies have got highly skilled employees that understand all the things required in the SEO process.

Why a Business Should Opt for Managed IT Services

When a business looks for managed IT services they are considering the wide array of services from which they can benefit. Having an in house IT support is not possible for every business owner. Maybe they do not have the budget to accommodate the team or simply do not have enough resources.

Usually it’s the medium or small sized business which normally opt for managed IT services. In fact ninety percent of these businesses prefer using managed IT services.

The following are a few reasons for this:

Why business owners prefer using managed IT Services

  • Managed IT support can help a business improve its efficiency. Instead of having to focus on developing in house IT support, business owners can focus on other important aspect of their business.
  • Better security and data compliance.
  • Proper maintenance with twenty four seven IT support
  • Budget friendly and cost effective option especially for startups that can’t afford hiring additional man power to manage IT services.
  • Have better access to all the innovations taking place in IT industry. This in turn would help them stay ahead of their competitors and get an idea of what actually works for their business.

Managed IT services are a great option for smaller companies because they can’t afford being overburdened for managing an in house IT staff. Plus having employees who have the knowledge and skills for working on different aspects of technical support is simply not possible. On the other hand managed services can provide business an access to a number of professionals who deal in a wide array of IT services. Be it designing a website from scratch, optimizing it for SEO or managing the online security, each individual is responsible for specific tasks.

It is more of a collaborative arrangement which is truly beneficial for a small or medium sized business. It allows business owners to focus on the management of their business and not worry about the technical aspects which can be quite mind boggling.

Also one should consider the different means of data transmission. It includes computers, mobile devices and tablets. Since data is stored on all of these devices, it also faces a severe security threat. Managed IT services can heap business owner make sure that they comply with all the security matters and that there is no breach of their privacy.

Last but not the least the cost effectiveness of managed IT services can’t be undermined. While the IT budget covers cost like hard ware, software and network infrastructure and maintenance cost, all of these become a great deal less with the help of managed services. A business doesn’t have to worry about investing in additional hardware or purchasing any new software to handle their IT issues. They can simply rely on managed IT support to help them overcome any technical issues which they face. 

The above mentioned are only a few reasons why more business owners choose to go for managed business IT solutions.

Tips On How You Can Earn Money Through Logo Designing

The logo designing industry is a big marketplace that has many components of failure and competition that is directed towards an individual before an actual design is selected from his portfolio of attempts. However, this is a normal trade of subjects for it is through these rejections and mistakes that the logo designers find that special place of success meant only for them. Being a great industry and having great competition, it is quite possible for people to be paid less as the demand is not as high as the supply of designs. In such cases, it is better to earn carefully such that your talent does not go to waste and you can easily earn an extra few bucks through your designs.

Make use of your unused designs

There are multiple websites over the internet that can help you make use of the unused files that might be rotting on your computer. These designs that you may have designed with hard work and dedication do not always attract the brands as much as you would have liked, but these websites ThemeForest and Graphic Leftovers can definitely help you gather a few extra dollars because of these creative graphic leftovers.

Teach a class

If you see your skills not being recognized in the industry as a logo designer, teach a few students on how to design the best of designs to impress the brands. It is not because people who cannot be a success in their respective industry, teach but rather the fact that there are very few experienced individuals with the relevant knowledge and expertise to be able to teach students effectively. Hence, teaching students will not only help a few students learn but it might actually help you with gaining a few extra dollars.

Work online

If you cannot find yourself a place in the industry as a logo designer, you do not have to worry for there are countless opportunities besides working a full time job at a firm. You can always work online where the designers are paid far more than the companies usually pay. Moreover, working online can help you save time because you can work in your safe environment while working on it anyhow you like, anytime you like before the deadline pops. This will create a helpful atmosphere for increased productivity while engaging yourself into a resourceful job.


If you know your logo designing, you can always write blogs about how a person or an amateur with not so much experience can indulge in the life of a logo designer. You can inspire them and motivate them to work and find out ways to stick to their determination of sydney logo design.


You just graduated. You know you have reached a goal on which you have invested for years, but you are equally aware of the fact that there is a long way to go, there are so many things to learn. We tried to draw up a list of 5 useful tips for those who undertake this fascinating and complex profession and close with a concrete opportunity to start the internship in the Milan area.

1. Think about giving before you receive

You are focused on the task at hand, but know that the ability to develop professional relationships based on trust is equally essential.

The most effective way to develop lasting relationships in law firms is to think and act proactively to help colleagues solve work problems.

Change perspective. Instead of asking you how to get that job or that benefit, start thinking about how to make yourself useful, maybe essential.

2. Develop your skills niche in an area of ​​specialization

Find a specialization niche where the practice where you practice has not yet developed a body of experience and skills and make it your strong point. Increase your value within the team and make you more visible.

3. Use your “millennial” being

The distance that separates you from being an excellent lawyer is sidereal. It is a matter of time, determination, commitment and a good dose of luck. Begin to choose the person of the study that inspires you the most and make it your model to follow. In the meantime, take advantage of your millennial skills , for example improving the presence of the studio in the social and digital area. You will discover that it is an area where the “seniors” will listen to your advice.

4. Think as an entrepreneur

Think of the law firm as a company, consider your clients as clients as a company, create partnerships. Questioned on how to bring elements of innovation, even incremental, into legal advice. Finally, treat your Studio colleagues with the same correctness and the same kind of politeness you would like to be treated with. This will generate a competitive advantage of great value over time.

The civil electronic process has limited itself to reducing the tasks of the stationery: it is no longer necessary to make long journeys, sometimes inland, to deposit an act or make a notification. However, when filing a lawsuit in a court far from one’s surroundings or, worse, in another district it is still necessary to use a substitute hearing . This is because, despite numerous attempts at reform, our process is still full of useless audiences or, in any case, where the direct presence of the dominus is not necessary . 

And then, in these cases, to optimize the time and, at the same time, not to overload the customer even of the transfer costs that could push him towards another study, we make use of the substitute of hearing. Here a difficulty arises: how to find a substitute for hearing? A valid one, reliable and that does not “weigh” too much on the pockets of the client?

In many cases, the replacement of a hearing takes place by way of favor between two studios located in different locations. It is, rather than an exchange of pleasures, a mutual interest that allows professionals to rely on people who are now “tested” with whom a stable collaboration has been established. In this way, the reward to the lawyer who conducts the hearing on behalf of the colleague takes place through “compensation in kind”. Naturally this system works where the tasks assigned to both studies are almost equal in number.

In the case in which a law firm is not known to which to entrust the activity of substitute of hearing, the word of mouth is still a very common practice among lawyers. Without it, the internet is an immediate and practical way to search for a colleague in the area and, through the website of the law firm or any publications on the network, get an idea of ​​the professional’s qualities.

For the most delicate tasks, there are those who turn to the Council of the local Order, delegating one of the councilors or the president himself, or asking these councils for some reliable name.

The web offers other tools to search for a substitute hearing . One of these is Lex, created by the lawyer. Dario Pupo and by dr. Alessandro Bria. It is an application able to find, in a simple and practical way, a fellow lawyer or practitioner qualified in the legal profession available to replace one or more hearings before all the Jurisdictions in Italy.

Lex app can be a great tool for your law firm. Those who decide to offer their willingness to replace a colleague at the hearing must indicate their compensation for the activity performed.

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