Will he or won’t he on Wilmar?

The perfect storm in sugar production and marketing could be closer than the Queensland Agriculture Minister both appears to understand or seems to care about. The market says it all. Sugar production is 20% down on figures 3-4 years ago. Wilmar is the biggest player and is close to a near monopoly by virtue of […]

Ratings agency critical of QLD privatisation plan

Palmer United Party’s Queensland Parliamentary Leader, Dr Alex Douglas MP says  Fitch Ratings assessment that privatisation  will impact on Queensland’s credit rating shows the LNP government’s planned sell off of public assets is futile. “This ratings agency is merely reflecting reality and clearly it hurts. Their message is selling state assets will both decrease revenue […]

RET won’t be RUFF on families – Trust me, I’m a PUP

The Minister for Energy and Water Supply is struggling with ways of convincing Queenslanders that the LNP is doing the right thing. And like others in his party, when all else fails, why not blame Clive Palmer? The PUP is resolutely pursuing a better deal for Queenslanders as the maximum cost of  retaining the Renewable […]

No bite from the PUPs – Misguided Energy Minister is barking up the wrong tree

Today, the Minister for Energy and Water Supply released a misguided statement about the repeal of the carbon tax. “The Energy Minister obviously can’t read – the PUP has always called for a repeal of the carbon tax,” said Dr Alex Douglas MP Member for Gaven and Queensland Parliamentary Leader of the Palmer United Party. […]

Queensland’s budget like a gift-wrapped poison chalice

Member for Gaven Dr Alex Douglas says the Queensland 2014 budget is like a gift-wrapped poison chalice with its true toxicity  only evident when the layers are unwrapped. “It just proves the LNP government cannot be trusted with running our state,” he told Parliament tonight. “By their unethical attack on the most vulnerable sector of […]