Public feel emptiness about QLD LNP government

The Queensland public are aware despite what they are not being officially told in the media. Over Christmas I have had the great opportunity to spend time with my family and friends. It is easy sometimes to forget the important things of life when in politics. Many Queenslanders seem to be saying to me that […]

Ripping $5 off the rebate is false economy

The Federal Government is proposing to reduce standard General Practitioner (GP) rebate by $5.00 when Australian GP consultations are the third lowest in the OECD and are one third of specialists’ costs of consultation. There has been NO increase in government expenditure per person for GPs in 10 years with total spending in 2012/2013 at […]

GP co-payment and Tony Abbott

We may never see nor hear Barack Obama, the Leader of the free world, again here in Queensland. Certainly we will never see nor hear from this identical group of world leaders who control 80% of the total economies of the world, in Queensland again. We, here in Australia, are a country of 23 million […]

Gaven workers lose out to Chinese workers in new trade deal

Member for Gaven Dr Alex Douglas MP says local builders and workers look like losing under the Federal Government’s new free trade agreement with China. “The government has made concessions in the agreement which are not reciprocated by the Chinese and place Australian workers and farmers at great risk,” he said. “If you farm wheat, […]

Asset leases are nooses around our necks

Peter Beattie’s privatisation plans pale into insignificance to Campbell Newman’s reckless proposal to lease state-owned assets, Member for Gaven Dr Alex Douglas MP said today. “Too few people seem to realise that the LNP plan to lease, rather than sell assets, is worse than Mr Beattie’s claims of reduced charges with privatisation of the Queensland […]