Get on your bus Sid Cramp – what bus?

Gaven independent MP Dr Alex Douglas MP says Campbell Newman’s LNP Government has no plans to fix the public bus mess west of the Pacific Motorway whilst its Gaven candidate doesn’t want to hear residents’ complaints.

 “Hard hit residents in Clearwater and West Nerang say their protests on LNP candidate’s Sid Cramp’s Facebook page have been deleted, a sure indication he’s not interested in what the community is telling him and he can’t take the heat.

 “How hypocritical, when on one hand he wants accountability and transparency, and on the other hand he sanitises his Facebook page to take away any criticism.

 “The candidate showed no empathy when he publicly boasted to a seniors’ morning tea at Earle Haven Retirement Village that services in an adjoining electorate had improved, despite the residents losing a direct bus service to Southport at their front gate.

 “Sid Cramp’s action plan does not mention public transport, despite a huge public outcry in 2014 that residents had no public transport when they most needed it.

 “The only tiny reference by Mr Cramp in his electioneering material bombarding my residents is that the LNP has boosted investment in public transport – is he dreaming and is this a reflection of his understanding of real issues facing my residents?

 “How can Campbell Newman seriously claim in the LNP public transport policy that the frequency, affordability and reliability of public transport has improved when most of my electorate doesn’t have a bus after mid-afternoon or any weekend services?

 “On the other hand, Labor’s Michael Riordan claims to have seen first hand the damage that Campbell Newman has done to the community, but he too offers no answers to improving services in the electorate.

 “I question how both the LNP and Labor can be taken seriously when they have not provided solutions despite the crippling effects the bus fiasco is having on my residents.

 “Clearly the LNP and Labor have not listened to Gaven residents because people tell me they will vote for anyone who can get the buses reinstated.

 “I am the only person who stood up for the residents whilst Campbell Newman, the Transport Minister Scott Emerson and Gold Coast MPs have consistently thumbed their noses.

 “My continual representations for a reinstatement of services have been ignored, despite tabling a petition in State Parliament, calling a public meeting in Clearwater and highlighting the crisis in Parliament.

 “I won’t stop until the former services are reinstated, giving residents an improved public service to get them home, to work or medical appointments.

 “Just last night a Clearwater Estate resident told me the lack of a weekend service was a joke and she relied on neighbours to get her young family to work and to after-school activities because there are no buses.”

 “The public bus crisis in the electorate was by far the biggest single issue confronting residents in 2014, but one which the major parties are ignoring.”





ALP and LNP Governments ignored my requests for extra police at Pacific Pines

Independent Member for Gaven Dr Alex Douglas MP says he has highlighted the need for increased police at Pacific Pines in State Parliament for the past four years, but both the LNP and Labor Governments have ignored his requests.

“With a burgeoning population growth in the past ten years, I’ve been convinced for a long time of the need for a police station and any feasibility study now promised by the ALP’s Michael Riordan days out from an election will confirm what I have been continually saying since 2011.

“I want residents to know I will continue to back their attempts and they shouldn’t be turned away simply because the local LNP candidate Sid Cramp tells them they are being adequately policed.

“When I tabled a petition in State Parliament in November last year calling for a police station, I repeated that the suburb had grown from 8,088 in 2003 to 18,159 in 2013 and outgrown its police beat.

“In 2011 the Labor Police Minister told me in Parliament that he could not agree to additional officers to man the beat for 24 hours.

“I was also alarmed by incidents at the Pacific Pines High School in 2011 and asked the Police Minister to consider appointing a school-based police officer to the school, but to no avail.

“Again in August last year when I lobbied the LNP Police Minister Dempsey, I was told there were no plans for a police station at Pacific Pines and that the suburb was well serviced by a police beat with an approved strength of two officers.

“What he didn’t say was there hadn’t been a second officer stationed there since 2013 when one of the officers transferred to another location and it took a second question from me to extract the real police strength at the police beat.

“The LNP candidate Sid Cramp spruiks like a robot words supplied by the LNP that he wants to make our communities safer but he won’t commit to fighting for a police station for his own area.

“He’s good on rhetoric, but there’s no substance to what he’s saying – just repeating lines supplied by his party.

“Is this the sort of representation that the people of Gaven want – or even deserve?”

“Campbell Newman’s LNP government is Brisbanecentric and anything out of Brisbane isn’t important for this government.”

We need to stop spiralling growth of type 2 diabetes

Member for Gaven Dr Alex Douglas says he will be pushing for more state government funding to help stop the spiralling growth of type two diabetes in Queensland with an estimated 9000 people either diagnosed or at high risk in his electorate alone.

 “There needs to be an approach which builds on personal responsibility with government leverage, much like the long-term effort to reduce smoking rates,” Dr Douglas said.

 “In my electorate there are 3,226 people living with type two diabetes, but the figure is probably significantly higher and estimated by Diabetes Queensland to be about 9,000 people.

 “Diabetes Queensland has told me that for every person diagnosed with this disease, there would be nearly three people who are undiagnosed, have pre-diabetes or at high risk.

 “As a long-time GP in the electorate, I know these statistics will not decline without action from the state government.

 “I support Diabetes Queensland’s campaign for a cross portfolio approach to battling the disease across planning, sport and recreation, communities, environment and tourism all working together with Queensland Health.

 “There needs to be a change in culture to adjust behaviours to prevent obesity which in turn will go a long way in turning diabetes around.

 “Recent research says that diabetes is costing Queensland more than $1.1 billion annually in lost productivity alone.

 “For too long, diabetes has been ignored and needs to be put at the top of the election agenda for the future of our economy as well.”

Alex Douglas lobbies for flashing lights, Sid Cramp takes the limelight

The LNP’s Sid Cramp is once again taking credit on issues which the Member for Gaven Dr Alex Douglas has lobbied for since 2012.

Dr Douglas says only three months ago Campbell Newman applauded local MPs including himself for providing valuable feedback on school communities needing flashing lights but now Sid Cramp is taking the credit for securing lights at two schools in the electorate.

“The candidate says his number one priority for the electorate is the securing of $70,000 for lights at Jubilee Primary School and William Duncan School when in fact I did the hard yards, wrote to all schools in my electorate advising them to apply for grants, culminating in written applications on behalf of these schools on December 14, 2012” he said.

“When is the LNP candidate going to be honest with the residents of Gaven and come up with his own initiatives, rather than just take all the credit for the hard work I’ve done in the last six years?

“His claims are even more bizarre when the Premier and Transport Minister said last October that the work of local MPs had been invaluable in recommending schools to receive the flashing lights based on community feedback.

“I know the LNP candidate is an inexperienced political campaigner with little idea what is important to this electorate, but everyone wants an honest campaign.

“He needs to realise I have built solid relationships with many community groups, residents and schools over more than 25 years through rock-solid commitment for this electorate, and residents do not like someone coming in at the last moment, like he has, claiming it was due to his efforts that the lights will be installed.

“Only days ago the candidate’s smear campaign and his claims that I had done nothing to get traffic lights at Nerang Fire Station backfired badly when I produced letters from the Minister dating back to 2012 saying he would not do anything about lights.

“Now it appears he once again is trying to discredit me and taking the glory for getting flashing lights at schools which I lobbied hard for.

“He would be better off working for a new police station at Pacific Pines or better public transport and more buses for the electorate, rather than bulldozing his way in at the last moment and making ridiculous promises if he is elected.”

Will the real Sid Cramp stand up?

The Independent Member for Gaven Dr Alex Douglas MP has appealed to the LNP candidate Sid Cramp to confirm if he is a paramedic, as the LNP is claiming.

“If indeed he is a paramedic, he has nothing to hide, but my information is that he has never been a paramedic and works as a radio communications officer at Southport,” Dr Douglas said.

“Why would people elect a person who can’t even tell the truth about what they do?

“Why is Sid Cramp pretending to be someone who he is not? Does he have something to hide?

“Campbell Newman claimed last month that Sid Cramp was a paramedic and that United Voice which represents ambulance officers was also, according to Mr Cramp, making up stories about a crisis in the ambulance service.

“To my knowledge, he has never corrected the public record.

“Mr Cramp needs to clarify exactly what he is doing and why he’s pretending to be a paramedic when indeed that’s not the truth.

“During my meeting with ambulance union representatives on Friday at a local coffee shop, Mr Cramp arrived unannounced with his camera, took pictures of myself and then pointing at the officers claimed they were wearing work uniforms and he would report them.

“I would have thought a fellow paramedic would have known what an ambulance uniform looked like, because they were not wearing ambulance uniforms.

“Is that how fellow paramedics treat their work colleagues? We all thought it was quite bizarre behaviour from a paramedic wanting to be elected to State Parliament.

“I have signed a commitment to support Queensland ambulance officers in their Code One campaign, but Mr Cramp has refused to sign the document because he says there is no ambulance crisis.

“He clearly fails to understand the real problems our ambulance officers are facing and I appeal to him to state his real identity.”