Wavebreak Island cruise ship terminal should be shelved

Member for Gaven Dr Alex Douglas MP today called for the shelving of the cruise ship terminal, integrated resort and casino at Wavebreak Island on the Gold Coast Broadwater.  

 “Let’s get back to what we do best and that’s offer beach holidays in the sun,” he said.

 “The Campbell Newman Government pushed ahead with this proposal in defiance of all the research done regarding whether it is environmentally or economically feasible to do what is being proposed.

 “His government has consistently claimed this process was being driven by the Gold Coast City Council but clearly it is not.

 “The evidence points directly at the Department of Planning and Infrastructure run by the Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney.

 “There was a sham process of selecting candidates for the new casino licence on the Gold Coast. ASF China the potential proponent for the whole development has nominated a US operator for the casino.

“The over-developed proposal, which is in effect a surrogate Chinese city in the Broadwater, is a land giveaway at best and official corruption at worst.  

“Local residents are all but excluded from the process with the only concession that they retain a small part of Doug Jennings Park and limited access to it on the Spit.

“The government has repeatedly claimed this is “a $14 billion project, a major benefit for the community” and part of its success strategy.

 “Eighteen months ago the same department with the same fanfare accelerated the Jewell Development on Old Burleigh Rd, Broadbeach, and still nothing has happened on the site.

 “Casino licences are very much sort after, but the state will not announce the major US operator touted by them and ASF China.

“During a recent study tour of USA, I learnt that in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York  there are major concerns about the infiltration of organised crime from overseas entities,  especially Russian.

“Currently Gold Coast Mayor Cr Tom Tate is courting many different Russian groups. The state refuses to answer my question on whom it is dealing  with as the potential casino operator.

“At what point does someone say enough is enough? Let’s go back to what we do best – offer beach holidays in the sun and leave the shady deals alone?”

Premier’s backflip on policy

Premier Campbell Newman’s huge backflip on policy announced yesterday – here’s my interview with ABC’s Steve Austin a short time ago.



Kokoda Challenge gets better each year

Congratulations to the organisers of the Kokoda Challenge which ended in Nerang yesterday.

“I was privileged to participate in the presentations at the Nerang Velodrome.  This event gets better each year with a total of 10,000 people involved over the weekend, including competitors and support crew,” Dr Alex Douglas MP said today.

“Of the 2538 competitors who set out on Saturday, 2000 completed the course, which had to be changed late Friday because of bushfires at Bonogin.

“ Instead of starting at Mudgeeraba, organisers switched the start to Nerang Velodrome. One could only imagine the logistics in this last minute change.

 ”Well done to the executive chairman, Doug Henderson, and community engagement and communications officer, Jo Clark.”

Alex and Doug Henderson Kokoda Challenge 20.7.14

Alan Jones’ on Stafford byelection and QLD politics

Listen to 2GB’s Alan Jones’ commentary on the Stafford byelection and Queensland politics under Campbell Newman and the LNP government.  The byelection was a disaster for the Premier and Alan is spot on with his assessment.








Dr Alex Douglas MP responds to distorted comments

The story published in the Courier Mail today “A Lady does not have the same capacity” by Kelmeny Fraser is a deliberate and distorted attempt to misrepresent what I stated to her during an earlier interview.

It would appear that the motive has been to deliberately stigmatize and have a negative effect on me.

I gave a clear explanation of why Clive Palmer MP most likely excused himself from the hostile Sarah Ferguson interview. Those statements are, however, completely absent from this story.

I am on the record as being a long-time champion of women, of being anti-bullying and strongly supportive of all their aspirations. I am the proud grandfather of a beautiful baby girl, the father of two highly accomplished young women and the proud husband of an exceptional woman who is both a former political representative, a former senior Vice-President of the National Party and a devoted grand-mother.

I therefore want to ensure not just their right to be heard but their right to also be also treated with respect.

This week in Queensland the Campbell Newman / LNP Government ran a completely sham and maliciously manipulated estimates process. The key Ministers point blank refused to answer fair questions and the Premier, Treasurer and Attorney General stooped to using personal abuse as a means to the evasion of any fair scrutiny.

Matters relating to women were completely ignored at those hearings and continue the pattern that has been set by this state government and its federal counterparts of denying women the highest representation in political office.

If the Courier Mail, its editors and its journalists were actually serious about the scrutiny of governance in the state of Queensland as well as advancing the progress and rights of women, this story should have been about matters of great importance to the state – as well as the rights of women.

These matters of great importance include a forthcoming senate enquiry into corruption in this state, something that seems to be deliberately being ignored by this newspaper.

This newspaper also failed to provide any real scrutiny of the outrageous sham of the estimates process and instead created stories centered around trivial fabricated statements as they have today that are critical of my so-called etiquette and attitudes towards woman.

Sadly, the end result is little more than a compliant media doing little or nothing to facilitate better outcomes for both women and the people of Queensland.

Courier Mail article