Premier’s crime figures are rubbery

Queensland Parliamentary Leader of the Palmer United Party, Dr Alex Douglas MP says Premier Campbell Newman’s claims about reduced crime are nothing more than rubbery figures.

“The evidence is that his new anti-association, anti-bikie and mandatory sentencing laws and 800 additional police have made no difference at all to our crime rate,” Dr Douglas said.

“The Premier will say anything to convince the public he is doing a good job  to both maintain his position and enjoy the fruits of being Premier.

 “He repeats claims that crime has reduced across all areas by 10% even when he is told that is incorrect, with the decline trend being exactly the same that has been occurring year on year for the past ten years unchanged, according to Griffith University study figures.

“In effect crime has reduced by only 2% and it is consistent with other years previously.

 “Just in the past week the Premier has separately stated that he should be allowed to continue and he is sorry about what he has done in the community eyes.

“He also has repeatedly stated that he has a strong plan, a strong team and has the record to prove it.

“The evidence, if those seriously scrutinizing are really interested to know  is that none of his ‘initiatives’ have made any difference at all and nor have they value added for the extra cost and inconvenience.

“This is perfectly understandable when bikies are responsible for less than 5% of all reported crime.

“Premier Campbell Newman is no different  today to that of yesterday, last year or the year prior.

 “His lies fool no-one.  A  500% difference in real figures and false ones is not a mistake.

This Premier Campbell Newman needs to resign and take his rubbery figures with him.”

Is it over for the Premier?

Premier says he is either over being sorry or it is over time for him to be sorry.

Either way, he is over it and he thinks we all should be over it too.

On Friday the Premier was being quoted vicariously about these variations of the word ‘over’.

He is certainly not overcome of grief with what occurred last weekend in Stafford – or what catastrophe faces the LNP at the next election.  He won’t recant.

He is not over-awed, moreover he wants to be now known as must do and not can do.

It seems can do just can’t do now!

The Premier is definitely over love.  He now seems resigned to being unpopular and unloved – it won’t do, but he’ll cop it.

The Premier is over some of his Ministers, but he won’t say which ones, when they may go and why they are staying on.

Also, the Premier is over everyone criticizing him because he knows he is the best man for the job.

Over being over – it’s the Premier’s new by-line.

The one message that is not getting through to him clearly is that he is the one for whom it is over.  It’s repeated over and over, but he ignores the message.

Repetition seems to have become his mantra. If the public won’t love him, he’ll bore them to death over and over.

So – is it over for the Premier?   Yes, it is – he is on overtime.

Over and out!


The Emperor wears new clothes

“Today Campbell Newman Premier of Queensland has re-cast himself as must-do from can-do but really, does that change anything?” asked Dr Alex Douglas, Leader of the Queensland Palmer United Party.

No cosmetic changes along the lines proposed by the Premier in the last five days legislatively or interpretation of existing laws will address the massive concern of all Queenslanders.

In fact some are so insincere such as the minor change to a newly-bipartisan CCC Chair whilst not addressing the problem of the Parliamentary CCC Chair position simultaneously,  that only makes a mockery of the new change.

Clearly that problem results in a ‘Caesar judging Caesar’ issue where the Premier retains the right to directly appoint the Parliamentary CCC (PCCC) Chair and fire them if they don’t do his bidding.  Yet he will still be able to direct the PCCC Chair as to who’ll become the CCC Chair.

These current changes proposed are weak and are hypocritical – they are not substantive and they will not address the seriousness of the demands being made for real change by the public.

The Premier’s decision today to rename himself as must do as his alter ego is a shameless attempt to pretend he is something new where he certainly is very much the same person and not contrite.

Is this not a case of the “Emperor wears new clothes”?

In the famous Hans Christian Anderson’s fable, the little boy then cried out “but he isn’t wearing anything at all”.

This vain emperor cum premier cares about nothing other than wearing or displaying clothes in an attempt to confuse an already critical public.

Is this not really the true story of Campbell Newman and his LNP Government?


Premier Campbell Newman thinks he can fool you all

Media statement by Dr Alex Douglas MP, Palmer United Party, Queensland Parliamentary Leader

 After the Stafford by-election the Premier says that he does understand that people are disappointed in his government, however he is not sure what it is that the public are disappointed about.

Premier Newman says there is so much he had to do and that reform is never easy.

 The reality of the situation here in Queensland is quite different. Premier Newman and the LNP don’t understand the problem despite reportedly being told by the public what it is.

 Certainly reform is never easy.  Under the LNP our judicial system, our health system and our political review system have all gone backwards. This is not reform. The newly appointment of Chief Justice Tim Carmody has left the legal profession shaking their heads. They are being offered no explanation and empty promises by the new Chief Justice.

 Expenditure under Labor was growing at 6% in their final year (not the 9% as the Premier is quoted as saying) as compared to 3% for the LNP (not the 2% quoted by the Premier). They have added $20 billion to Labor’s $60 billion gross debt pile. In three months a $2 billion deficit has been added into the disappearing budget surplus.

 Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney admitted to  Estimates hearing this month that business in Queensland is 20% down. This is a worrying figure that the Premier is deliberately ignoring.

 Being factual is Campbell Newman’s weakness  – his explanations are unsupported by fact.

 Campbell Newman is confident that he is doing the right thing despite having no support from the wider community. He knows that he is skating on thin ice.

 The Premier should stand aside and let a new leadership team take charge,

It appears that the LNP are reluctant to change leaders or do a cabinet reshuffle at this late stage.

 I believe a new government led  by a fresh team of Palmer United members  will restore honesty, consistency and hope to the State of Queensland.

PUP proposes light rail second stage when elected to government

Palmer United Party (PUP) will establish a public-private partnership to link the Gold Coast light rail with a new station at Parkwood  when elected to government in 2015, Queensland Parliamentary Leader, Dr Alex Douglas MP announced today.

“But we’ll be protecting the state’s assets, unlike that promised by  Premier Campbell Newman linking asset sales to the G’s second stage,” he said.

“The light rail needs to be urgently connected to the heavy rail at a new station at Parkwood with a large park and ride station.

“Despite the Premier’s last gasp attempt at saving his flawed asset sales pitch and his wanting a second stage linked to asset sales, the next stage needs to go ahead with combined state and federal funding immediately.

“On its election next year, the PUP will build the next stage well in advance of the 2018 Commonwealth Games  and not bankrupt the Gold Coast City Council to do so.

“Queensland must get back an improved credit rating  consistent with owning the power generators and the ability to borrow for infrastructure, not as this LNP government wants to do and sell off these valuable assets

“Campbell Newman wants to sell off the goose that lays the golden egg.

“We will build the light rail as a public private partnership, weighing heavily with the end user not the private operator.

“The fares will be affordable, the route will be fast and convenient and the government will not be left with a huge guarantee which they can’t sustain.

“Without a second stage the guarantees will be unaffordable.

“Campbell Newman is using the light rail as a carrot to feed assets and this is nothing but a ruse.

Our light rail must not be used as a bargaining chip by the Premier or anyone else in such a manner.

“An efficient mass transport central facility on the Gold Coast is important to the state and nation.

“We have almost 12 million tourists annually including more than one million international visitors.

 “Everyone other than the Premier can see that the light rail won’t work without the second stage.

“Public private Public private partnerships such as the GoldlinQ  venture that build the “G” are important for a second link. The emphasis must be on the end user, not the state to make a big profit.

“Mass public transport is a right not an option.”